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Couples part ways for various reasons but they are considered legally separated only when they get their divorce decree. Matrimonial dissolution has become unusually common among the spouses, who believe that their marriages are non-working. Choosing a reputed law firm, like the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can prove beneficial in the long run. Marital partners undergo various physical and emotional stresses while choosing to separate once and for all. A divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA assists a separating spouse in dealing with the challenges and pressures of a lawful matrimonial termination.

A skilled divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA resolves a majority of the cases even without making it mandatory for the clients to attend court proceedings. The need for a courtroom visitation is out ruled only when a separation-seeking spouse approaches a divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA at the earliest. Several people reach out to a divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA only when all possibilities for peaceful negotiations have passed. Thus, it is important to hire a divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA even before the commencement of the official annulment procedures.

Virginia Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA renders effective and speedy solutions even in circumstances wherein the couples are necessarily expected to visit the courtrooms for hearings and other judicial processes. Explained herein are a few tips that are commonly recommended by a divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA to simplify separation procedures.

Exiting the marital residence

Once when one of the spouses conclusively decides to separate from the other, issues regarding residential stay arise. The marital home that has inhabited the couple till date, now becomes lawfully open for both the partners. A divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA instructs every client to avoid leaving the marital residence as soon as the latter desires for marriage dissolution. Continue staying in the marital home specifically when decisions concerning elements like alimony and child custody are not attained. The same does not hold for the case that reports domestic violence as the reason for the separation. In these circumstances, a divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA instructs the abused spouse to immediately vacate the marital residence to thereby avoid incurring further physical or materialistic damages. Moving out of the marital house is the first responsive action to a separation but it is prudent to carry out this course of action only after getting approval for the same from a divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA.

Decide on the financial requirements

The financial worth of a spouse should be estimated to arrive at clear settlements regarding the payers and receivers of spousal and child support. A divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA regularly meets up with clients, who bring in huge loads of credit card bills, bank account statements, tax file returns, and other financial documents for the initial consultations. A complex financial statement is not what is required to assess the financial status of a matrimonial partner.

A divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA simply analyzes the following factors to draw reports on the financial competencies of a client:

  • Details of bank accounts and balances
  • Car and home loans
  • Balances withheld in bank instruments like credit cards
  • Details regarding the investments made and shares held
  • Retirement account balances and provident fund allocations
  • Incomes received from employment and other owned assets
  • Properties collectively and solely owned
  • Assets like furniture, appliances, vehicles, etc.

A divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA estimates the financial worth of a client by rendering due consideration to each of the elements discussed above.

Decide on the parenting arrangements

The next crucial element that is attentively deliberated upon by every divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA is the guardianship of the children of the separating couple. The custodial rights over a child are rendered to a parent only when the latter is found to be responsible and capable of providing safe and healthy living conditions for the former. A divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA proposes custodial plans only after rendering due considerations to the best interests of the kid. The hired divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA considers the preferences and opinions of the child only when the latter is found to be sufficiently mature to make voluntary decisions without the influence of third parties.

Listed herein are some of the factors that are considered while determining parenting plans:

  • The age, physical and mental health of the kid and each parent.
  • The relationship of the child with each parent.
  • The contribution made by each parent in the effective upbringing of the children during the past.
  • The willingness of the custodial parent to permit contact between the kid and the non-custodial parent, post the legalization of the separation.
  • The physical, educational, medical, and financial requirements of the kid.

Create separate bank accounts and passwords

Open a new bank account that can be solely operated by the divorce-seeking spouse. Set up new passwords for digital banking portals, g-mail accounts, social media accounts, etc. If the couple jointly owns bank accounts, investments, shares, etc., the collectively owned funds are divided equally and the same should be transferred to the individually owned bank accounts of each spouse. A divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA instructs the client to retain ample funds for meeting legal expenditures like court fees, petition processing charges, etc.

Other miscellaneous pieces of advice

A divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA advises a separation-seeking partner to avoid entering into a new relationship up until the approval of the divorce decree. There is a strong legal reason and a valid justification behind this advice of a divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA. A relationship with a third person can easily be interpreted and argued upon as an extra-marital affair. Thus, it is wise to refrain from entering into a new relationship up until the legalization of the annulment.

Most importantly, each party of the separating couple is expected to be assisted by well-wishers, who provide moral and physical support. The team of well-wishers could include friends, familial acquaintances, a professional counselor, and an experienced divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA. Moreover, the employed divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA should have adequate specializations in family law. A long-standing divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA is sure to have adequate experience in handling and resolving all annulment-related issues. Thus, it is recommendable to seek the services of a divorce lawyer Fredericksburg VA at the Law Offices of SRIS P.C., while opting for a lawful separation.

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