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All married couples in Fredericksburg, VA would like to relish the everlasting moments of pure marital bliss. But unfortunately, not all marriages survive eternally! Marriages should draw you closer to your spouse by love and understanding causing happiness in the long run. When the marital relationship no longer yields prosperity and well-being to you or your spouse, it summons agitation and frustrations shattering your serenity to pieces. If your marital relationship has reached that point, it is an indication that it is time to reflect on terminating your marriage rather than living through purgatory! The complex procedures revolving around your marriage dissolution in the Fredericksburg VA courts can leave you frustrated. During these distressing times get the support of Fredericksburg lawyers in VA having rich hands-on experience in the arena of annulments and divorce.

The Terms ‘Annulment’ And ‘Divorce’ Are Not The Same

Often the thin line of difference between divorce and annulment is overseen by clients, say Fredericksburg lawyers. The disparity between the above said terms not only lie in the legal definition but also in the permissible grounds offered for filing the same.

Opting for either of the options brings in significant transitions in your life! Our annulment lawyers in Fredericksburg decipher the legal terms making it simpler for you to analyze the option most suitable to your case. Contacting the Fredericksburg VA lawyers in VA will help you employ the appropriate option depending on the facts on which your case is built upon.

The lawyers in Fredericksburg brief that seeking a divorce in VA will lead to cessation of your marital relationship that once prevailed. Whereas annulment is like retrospectively roving to your past and erasing the event of marriage in the sketch of your life. Your Fredericksburg lawyer will tell you that the act of nullifying effectively obliterates your marriage mirroring to you your life that existed before your marriage. Annulments when successfully sought with the assistance of the Fredericksburg lawyers will lead to establishing in the courtroom of VA that the marriage is void!

Our VA lawyers in Fredericksburg warn that not all cases are eligible for annulment and that is a point to be remembered. You can seek annulment only under rare circumstances.

What Are The Grounds That Can Be Used To Seek Annulments?

Before analyzing the grounds that can be used to construct your plea for annulment in VA, the Fredericksburg lawyers necessitate you to have a bird’ eye view on the legal terms of void and voidable. Though it may seem sophisticated on the face of it, our sagacious lawyers in VA fragmentize the terminologies for better perception.

Marriage That Holds Nullity In Itself

Virginia Divorce Lawyer

As the VA lawyers assert, if you are married to an individual who is already in a marital relationship with someone else or if you get married to your close relative, then your marriage had lost its grip of legality at the very inception. Saying so, your Fredericksburg lawyers will point out that your marital relationship with your spouse is not judiciously acknowledged in VA.

Marriages That Are On The Verge Of Becoming Void

Getting insights from the Fredericksburg lawyers on these legal terms is vital as it forms the base and equips you in filing for annulments in Fredericksburg, VA. The VA lawyers specialized in requesting for annulments in VA on behalf of the clients say the legitimacy of the marriage is recognized in this case. But soon the plates are turned down once you or your spouse plea for annulment in Fredericksburg courts and your marriage will be regarded as voidable if it falls under any of the following conditions. If you have consented to get married as a result of fraudulent acts of the spouse or have executed coercion or intimidation for getting married, the Fredericksburg lawyers will inform you have the privilege by your side to request for annulment in VA. If your spouse was in a physically or mentally incapacitated state at the time of marriage, your wedding will not be legally valid in Fredericksburg and VA laws consider it to be null and void. The Fredericksburg lawyers will tell you that if your spouse is impotent or you discover the fact of your spouse’s felony conviction being concealed from you, it will also serve as a powerful instrument in annulling your marriage in Fredericksburg VA. If it is revealed to you that your spouse is about to beget a child of another man or that your spouse becomes a father of a child from another woman within 10 months of being married to you or if you learn that your spouse is a prostitute, these hold as valid points while pleading for annulling the marriage. These circumstances bestow you the privilege to seek an annulment in Fredericksburg VA and handovers the position of dominance over the defendant if you are backed with an excellent team of lawyers in VA. Reach our adept Fredericksburg lawyers at the Offices of SRIS P.C. to further drill down on these topics, to be acquainted with the laws, and to prove the grounds required to establish that your marriage stands null and void in VA courts.

The lawyers expound, if you seek an annulment from the judicial system of VA, the burden of proof ultimately stands on you. You will need an adroit team of Fredericksburg annulment lawyers who are resourceful to compile the evidence required in your suit to establish the burden of proof.

Matters That Demand Your Attention!

Having lived with your spouse for 2 years or more before filing to nullify the marriage makes you ineligible to request nullification of your marriage. The Fredericksburg annulment lawyers state that if you live with your spouse even after discovering any of the factors that could nullify your marriage, you will not be permitted to file a petition for annulling the marriage in VA.

If your relationship satisfies the requirements for annulment, file for annulling the marriage with the assistance of our lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Our lawyers can provide you with the required assistance.

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